Apply C.O / Quanrantine register

Certificate of origin (C / O) is a kind of important document in international trade activities. The application for a certificate of origin is to confirm the origin of goods from Vietnam and send to importing partners in order to enjoy preferential tariffs under the Free Trade Area Agreement, Comprehensive Economy Partnership Agreement and agreements which Vietnam has signed with one or more countries or territories

Procedures for granting certificates of origin:

  • Exporters file an application for certificate of origin submitted to the competent authority. But depending on the different type of certificate of origin (Example: C / O Form D, Form E, Form AJ, Form VJ, ... etc.), the level competent authority (or authorized) might be different
  • The identification of C / O depends on goods to be exported to which markets and requirements from import partners in that market
  • When receiving documents, reception staff shall check and inform merchants to receive one of the following cases:

    1. Acceptance of C / O and time traders shall  be granted

    2. Recommendation of additional documents (specify type of missing document).

    3. Request for document checking (specify test information).

    4. Refusal of issue C / O in the cases to legal provisions.

  • Common time of granting C/O:

    1. For goods exported by air (AIR) is no more than 04 hours.

    2. For C / O common cable to exports transported by other means is no more than 08 hours.

 Advantages: dynamic marketing team, the foreign agent system strong, steady weekly schedules.

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