Flight delays rise in July

HCMC - Around 21.2% of flights scheduled in July were delayed, up 4.3 percentage points over June, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV). 

Meanwhile, the number of flight cancellations made up 0.4% of the total number of scheduled flights, down 0.1 percentage point month-on-month.

Vietnam Airlines saw 21.2% of its total flights delayed last month, rising 5.9 percentage points against the previous month, and 0.6% of flights canceled, equal to the month earlier.

VietJetAir reported the respective flight delay and cancellation proportions of 23.5%, up 3.3 percentage points, and 0.2%, up 0.1 percentage point.

Jetstar Pacific said 20.7% of its flights took off later than scheduled, up 0.5 percentage point while 0.1% of flights were canceled, down 0.4 percentage point. 

The fight delay ratio of Vietnam Air Services Company (VASCO) stood at 7% in July, inching up 0.5 percentage point. The subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines reported no cancellations in the same month, dropping 0.8 percentage point month-on-month.

CAAV said air travel demand surged in July but airlines did not raise the number of flights. Many flights were delayed due to congestion on taxiways, runways and parking areas at airports in the month.  

One of the two runways at Tan Son Nhat airport in HCMC was closed from July 16 to 19 for emergency repair after it was damaged by lightning. Heavy rain in many localities in the south last month also affected flight schedules.  

In the first six months of this year, local carriers operated 101,000 flights and 15% of them were delayed, falling 5.6 percentage points against the same period of 2014. Flight cancellations accounted for 0.5% of total flights, down 2.7 percentage points.

To reduce flight delays and cancellations, CAAV worked with airlines to adjust schedules by arranging take-off and landing times in line with capabilities of airlines and airports.   

The aviation watchdog also examined equipment and facilities at airport terminals to change flight schedules appropriately.

Airport authorities will step up inspections, monitor schedules and announce hotlines to inform passengers of flight delays and cancellations. In addition, airlines will be monitored to make sure they compensate passengers for flight delays and cancellations.

Circular 14/2015/TT-BGTVT on compensation for air passengers clarifies compensation for domestic flight delays and cancellations is VND200,000 for short-haul services of under 500 kilometers, VND300,000 for flights with distances between 500 and 1,000 kilometers and VND400,000 for flights of more than 1,000 kilometers.

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